The Top 10 Fire Science Instructors of the South

The South is known for its high temperatures—but these fire instructors know how to take the heat. Whether highly ranked or known for their excellent teaching and years of service, these fire science instructors have proven to be the very best. For their accomplishments, these instructors have made the list for the best in the region.

Blance Keith Bankston Herring Fire And Emergency Training Institute at LSU

A native of a Baton Rouge, Bankston is EMS Coordinator at FETI LSU. He previously served as street paramedic and Unit Commander in field training with East Baton Rouge Emergency Medical.

Ed Kirtley Oklahoma State University

Kirtley is the newly appointed Director, Fire Services Training. He has served as instructor and curriculum developer with the National Fire Academy and the Emergency Management Institute.

Edward Bernaldez Kilgore College

Bernaldez is an instructor and Paramedic Program Director at Kilgore College. He supervises the EMS field experience curriculum.

Gib Watt Texas Fire Academy, South Hays Fire Department

Watt founded the Texas Fire Academy through the South Hays Fire Department in 2005. He is Assistant Fire Marshal/Inspector with South Hays FD in San Marcos.

Greg Gorbett Eastern Kentucky University

Gorbett was a private arson consultant for seven years before joining the EKU faculty where he serves as Assistant Professor in Fire and Safety Engineering Technology in the Safety, Security and Emergency Management department. He is a Director of the National Association of Fire Investigators.

Keith Bennett Herring Fire And Emergency Training Institute at LSU

Bennett is assistant manager of the industrial fire program at LSU Fire and Emergency Training. He also heads up the HazMat training as well as Department of Transportation Regulatory training.

Ken Keller City of Mobile Fire and Rescue Training

Mobile Fire Department District Chief of Training, Keller oversees paramedic training, EMT continuing education and advanced Fire Suppression Certification programs. The program prepares new employees for the Alabama State Firefighter Certification exam and national EMT board exams.

Reggie Bell Mississippi State Fire Academy

State Fire Academy Executive Director Bell has twice served as President of the Mississippi Fire Investigators Association. He has praticipatged in training in 36 states, but prefers Mississippi.

Ryan Ramsey EMTS Academy, Round Rock

Dr. Ramsey is Assistant Director of the Emergency Department, St. David's Hospital. He has been Medical Director of EMTS since 2010.

Sherry Clark El Centro Community College

Clark is Assistant Program Director and Assistant Professor ast El Centro. She has more than 27 years of emergency medicine clinical and field experience.